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NEW! Joe recieves the endorsement of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #28... More to follow.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, where you can learn more about me and my candidacy. As you browse, you'll find information about my background, credentials, current endorsements, and more.

You can make a contribution to my campaign now by clicking HERE, or on the gold button at the top right of any page. But there are also many other ways you can help.

No campaign can succeed without the helping hands of many in our community. My promise to you in return, is to serve this community where I have lived throughout my life with honor, integrity and a passion for helping people.

Why You Should Elect Joe Baron to be Sheriff

Among the many things a sheriff has to deal with on a daily basis, I've identified four issues that I believe need particular focus. My campaign platform is centered around these.

Please click below to learn about these:

  • 26 years as a sworn officer with the Norfolk Police Department
  • Recognized for his role in solving several high-profile crimes
  • 5 Years with NSO, where he rose to second-in-command


    • Tim Kaine

      • United States Senate

    • Mark Herring

      • Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia

    • Lionell Spruill Sr.

      • Virginia State Senate

    • Lynwood Lewis, Jr.

      • Virginia State Senate

    • Louise Lucas

      • Virginia State Senate

    • Joe Lindsey

      • Virginia House of Delegates

    • Cliff Hayes

      • Virginia House of Delegates

    • Stephen Heretick

      • Virginia House of Delegates

    • Matthew James

      • Virginia House of Delegates

    • Daun Sessoms Hester

      • Virginia House of Delegates

    • Kenneth Cooper Alexander

      • Mayor, City of Norfolk

    • George Schaefer

      • Clerk of the Norfolk Circuit Court

    • Evans Poston

      • Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue

    • Paul Riddick

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Tommy Smigiel

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Andria McClellan

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Mamie B. Johnson

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Angelia Williams-Graves

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Martin A. Thomas, Jr.

      • Member, Norfolk City Council

    • Dr. Noelle Gabriel

      • Member, Norfolk School Board

    • Courtney R. Doyle

      • Member, Norfolk School Board

    • Gabe Morgan

      • Sheriff of Newport News, VA

    • Jim O'Sullivan

      • Sheriff of Chesapeake, VA

    • Greg Underwood

      • Commonwealth's Attorney, Norfolk, VA

    • Attorney Peter Decker III

      • Former Chairman, Board of Corrections
publicsafety Public Safety Joe will maintain the standards that have made the Norfolk Jail one of the most highly regarded correctional facilities in the Commonwealth. Continue Reading
Public Service Joe will work to make sure the jail's residents have every opportunity available to re-enter society as productive and law abiding citizens. Continue Reading
publictrust Public Trust Joe will ensure that we remain one of the most transparent agencies of our type, as well as keep contributing to the quality of life in Norfolk. Continue Reading